The Centre for Narrative Psychology and Practice

Ekatherina Zhornyak


Areas of professional interests:

  • Individual and family counseling and psychotherapy. Narrative counseling.
  • Postmodern learning. Education of narrative therapy.
  • Developmental psychology - child's play.
  • Advising young children faced with serious problems, narrative approach to working with children.


Полное ФИО (например Иванов Иван Иванович): 
Ekatherina Zhornyak
Фото пользователя: 
Кратко о пользователе: 
Psychologist, family therapist, narrative consultant
Электронная почта: 
Консультационная деятельность: 
Talking with someone, I try to help him to decide on preferences, see the possibilities to create a new story about yourself and realize it